DADO Ceramica

Dado Ceramica is a ceramics company that manufactures porcelain stoneware and double-fired tiles for both residential and commercial settings.

Founded in 1980 in San Matteo della Decima (Bologna), in the heart of the ceramic manufacturing district of the Emilia Romagna region, for the last 37 years the country has been evolving constantly in terms of both design and technology.

Traditionally known for its double-fired wall tiles, over the years the company has added a range of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles.
Dado Ceramica today manufactures a kaleidoscope of ceramic surfaces, in which colour engages with material, texture with decorations and sizes with graphics for a quality, stylish way to bring a personal touch to any setting.

The company’s Italian style and craftsmanship has gained a foothold on all the main international markets, and has been a stable, distinctive presence on the Italian market since its foundation.
Dado Ceramica leads the EcoDADO+Group, in which it cooperates along with Antica Ceramica Rubiera and Cotto Petrus/Trial Ceramica.

Our history

1980 Foundation of Dado Ceramica
1989 Creation of Dado Ceramica Group, with the acquisition of Antica Ceramica Rubiera
1992 In-house production of special trims for floors
2000 Conversion of single-fired tiles to glazed porcelain stoneware tiles
2002 Installation of optical sorting lines
2005 Production of large-size floor and wall tiles
2011 Introduction of octochrome HD digital technology
2012 Complete renovation of the Rubiera production plant: production of sizes up to 120 cm
2013 Start of production of 18 mm thickened tiles
2014 ISO 9001 certification obtained
2015 ISO 14001 certification obtained
2016 Production of sizes up to 163 cm
              UNI CEI ISO 50001:2011 certification obtained
              OHSAS 18001 certification obtained
2017 UNI EN ISO 14021:2016 (Labeling of recycled material) certification obtained
              Singapore Green Label
              Association to Gree Building Council Italia

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